Founded in 1986 by artist/editor Enid Mark, ELM Press publishes finely crafted limited editions that feature hand-lithography, letterpress printing, and archival hand binding. They have been acquired by over ninety public collections in the United States, Canada, and England.

Enid Mark received a 2006 Fellowship from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts in recognition for her work in book arts. Among her other honors are a Pew Fellowship in the Arts (2001), and the Leeway Foundation Award for Achievement (2002). In 2004, her book, "The Elements," was awarded the 9th Biennial Carl Hertzog Award for Excellence in Book Design from the University of Texas/El Paso.


What interested Enid Mark most
was the relationship
between text and image.

As she searched for deeper connections
between the verbal and the visual,
her aim was to have her art
considered as books, and her
books considered as art.